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Attendees: HC, LD, EA, NM, CW, JJ, LL, CF, PF

Apologies: JS

Record of the meeting of 28th March 2019

No action from last meeting.

Matters Arising


Practice Information Update

The Practice is still advertising for a GP Partner / Salaried GP.

The Practice had a follow up CQC visit on 29th May 2019. It was not a full visit, therefore only an Inspector visited the Practice. We are currently awaiting the report.

Dr Sagi has officially left the Practice and all the paperwork has been signed off. Dr Sriranjani is currently going through the process to register as a single-handed GP, which could possibly trigger another CQC visit in near future.

Urgent Care Reorganisation

There has been no further development as far as we are aware. The changes should implement from August 2019, but no further information has been provided yet.

Business Development Plan

The Practice shared Business development Plan with CQC, but the Practice wanted to share it with patients as well.

There has been a lot of work going on in the background – all staff are now being vaccinated against Hep B, all new employees have DBS check prior employment, there has been a lot of work put into processes e.g. how we handle patients who are on Warfarin medication and how we record their International Normalized Ratio (INR) results and follow up appointments. Robust systems have been put in place how we work and process information, regular audits are being carried out, staff are having regular appraisals, we have induction programmes for new starters, staff newsletter, feedback to staff of significant events, staff survey and etc.

The Business Development Plan is a ‘living’ document and grows day by day.

Friends and Family survey feedback

We had a lot of response and the overall outcome has been good and positive. Also it helps the Practice to learn from negative responses and look whether improvements could be made.

Virtual PPG

The Practice Manager is happy to send information to virtual group members, she will look into legislation from GDPR perspective and will discuss this in the next meeting.

Any Other Business

  1. PPG members have been made aware of Primary Care Networking (PCN).

PCN is a new way of working together with other Practices in the locality. We belong to West locality, which has been split in two. Two clinicians have also been appointments as the leads for West locality, which are Dr Gillespie and Dr Sharma.

New processes are being discussed and are being put in place, therefore more detailed information will follow.

  1. Practice would like to reintroduce PPG survey, which was carried a while ago so the results could be compared. It was agreed that staff at the Practice will conduct the survey themselves.

***Next PPG Meeting – 13th September 2019

You can download these minutes: Minutes 13 June 2019

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