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Present: Ten members were present

Apologies: Three apologies

Record of meeting of the 7th June 2018: Accepted as circulated.

Matters arising:
The car park issues remain an on-going problem.

Other issues regarding property facilities relating to the health centre as a whole were highlighted, and the implications for the practice were significant.

Practice information update:
The position regarding Dr Sagi was still not resolved. Vacancies for new GPs were currently being advertised, but the recruitment of new permanent GPs had not been successful to date. The current climate for the recruitment of permanent staff in all areas of the practice was not good.

Publication of PPG minutes:
Once approved by the group, meeting records will be published in the waiting area and on-line on the website.

CQC inspection:
The CQC report on the practice rated the practice as ‘good’, but the area of ‘Clinical Governance’ was highlighted as requiring improvement. The chairman congratulated Dr Sri and all her staff in achieving such a positive inspection report in spite of all the upheavals in the practice.

Urgent Care Reorganisation Proposals:
Although the consultation period had ended there had been no indication to date, of a resulting decision from the CCG. Widespread concern was again expressed regarding the significant proposed impact on the three GP Practices at the Pallion Health Centre.

Future PPG Strategy:
There was still a concern and desire to widen patient representation on the PPG, and it was felt that a repeat of the patient survey of a few years ago could be a way forward, timing and availability allowing.

Other Business:
It was suggested that a facility to allow patients to sit at a table in order to complete forms etc. would be a big help – simply a table and chair would suffice. – The practice manager to organise.

The practice was continuing to promote ‘on line’ working for booking appointments and repeat prescriptions.

Flu vaccines were now available for designated patients.

Dates of next meeting:
13th December 2018

Download these minutes: PPG Minutes 13 September 2018

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