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Record of the meeting of 13th December 2018

No action from last meeting

Matters Arising

Mr Arnold started meeting with an apology regarding confusion of the dates of the meetings. The last meeting was postponed and re-arranged for today.

It was agreed that future communications will be done over the telephone or e-mail, and notice will be given in plenty of time. PPG members will be given a courtesy phone call 2 weeks prior the meeting.

Further to that, Mr Arnold will not be taking any further minutes, and this will be done by Lina. The typed minutes will be e-mailed to Mr Arnold for approval.

Practice Information Update

PPG members were informed that Dr Stidolph has joined the Practice as a salaried GP. She will be working Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also, Dana Bird is our new ANP, who is working Mon-Fri except Thursdays.

Dr Sriranjani informed PPG that she is still looking for another ANP and is still looking for GP Partners.

Dr Sagi is leaving the Practice; however, his final leaving date has not been confirmed as yet.

The Practice also has regular Locum GPs, who provide consistent care.

PPG Members thanked Dr Sriranjani for managing the Practice well during extremely difficult times.

GP Extended Access Service

The Practice staff are encouraging patients to book into extended hours service, which is available on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Also patients can book appointments online to see GPs at their Practice and NHS 111 will be able to book appointments for GPs directly.

Urgent Care Reorganisation

Patients, who attended the meetings re urgent care centres, did not feel listened.

The changes will implement in April 2019; therefore, we will have more details by the end of April.

Patient Surveys – volunteers / dates

Practice is doing Friends and Family surveys on a regular basis, and the information is being published on a monthly basis.

PPG will use the same survey as last time and the results will be compared. Mr Arnold will liaise with Practice Manager and the dates will be discussed in the next meeting.

Any Other Business

Practice will be publishing the PPG minutes on the website and will update them on the board.

Nurses Kim and Linda got Angels of the North awards.

All prescription will be sent EPs in future; therefore, the Practice is encouraging patients to nominate a pharmacy.

You can download these minutes: Minutes 28 March 2019

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