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Audio Downloads by SEC Ambulance Service

These files have been prepared by South East Coast Ambulance Service and comply with European Resuscitation Council Guidelines. The above audio files are copyright South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust, 2006. We encourage users to distribute them but they must not be used for commercial purposes or sold in any format.

South East Coast Ambulance Service gratefully acknowledges Heart FM’s assistance in producing these files. All the advice provided is up to date and complies with Resuscitation Council guidelines

To save them on your computer, right-click on any of the links below and then click ‘Save Target As…” . Click on any of the links below to play the audio files:

Other Links

British Red Cross – First Aid Tips
Simple, straightforward and easy to understand first aid tips

St Johns Ambulance
St John Ambulance believes that everyone should learn at least the basic first aid techniques.

These links all come from trusted resources but if you are unsure about these or any other medical matters please contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

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