***Patient Message:***

In advance of official communications from NHS, please see the workaround that has been notified to DWP.

“At present, NHS prescriptions do not have a Tick Box option for someone claiming Universal Credit. There have been examples of claimants choosing the ESA option and as a result have received a £135 penalty notice. 

Until a new print is available claimants on UC should tick option K indicating JSA in payment.

This is the workaround which has been issued to Pharmacies.”

The Issueing of Medicines

Medicines may not be issued if patients have not had their annual blood tests and review

Repeat Prescriptions

You can obtain your regular medications without seeing the doctor.  Repeat prescriptions can be obtained by:

  • Telephoning the surgery:
    • Please call the surgery after 10:00am during surgery opening hours. To ensure that you are given the correct medication please inform the member of staff the exact items that you need. Please allow 2 working days for us to process your request.
  • Post:
    • Remember to include a self-addressed stamped envelope. We recommend you allow 7 working days when using this option.
  • Online:
    • You have to register first to use the online services. You can obtain registration details from the reception.

Remember your pharmacist can deliver your repeat medications, if you are elderly and infirm or unable to collect prescriptions. See our Electronic Prescription Service Page for more information on this service.

You need to tell us which pharmacy you use so that we can send the prescription electronically to them. You cannot nominate more than one pharmacy. You can always change your nominated pharmacy by letting us know.

If EPS is not suitable, you can cancel it by phoning or writing to the surgery.


Many Sunderland residents have a ‘repeat prescription’ meaning that they can regularly receive certain medication without having to see their doctor each time. Some people order these repeat prescriptions themselves. Others choose to use a pharmacy or dispensing company to order medicines on their behalf.

Depending on how you request your medicines, the way that it works for you may be about to change.

Please click on the link for more information:


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