Minor Illnessesstethoscope

Coughs and Colds

A cold is a mild viral infection of the nose, throat, sinuses and upper airways. It can cause nasal stuffiness, a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat and a cough. Usually it’s a self-limiting infection – this means it gets better by itself without the need for treatment. Video: On average, adults have two to […more]


Acute diarrhoea is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection and affects almost everyone from time to time. A common cause in both children and adults is gastroenteritis, an infection of the bowel. Bouts of diarrhoea in adults may also be brought on by anxiety or drinking too much coffee or alcohol. Diarrhoea may […more]

First Aid

Audio Downloads by SEC Ambulance Service These files have been prepared by South East Coast Ambulance Service and comply with European Resuscitation Council Guidelines. The above audio files are copyright South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust, 2006. We encourage users to distribute them but they must not be used for commercial purposes or sold in […more]

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