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Annual Report 2017 – 2018

Message from Our Chair

Alan Patchett
Chair of Healthwatch Sunderland

Since becoming the Chair in May 2017 I have been working to achieve 3 main goals:

  1. To increase awareness of Healthwatch Sunderland amongst stakeholders, partners and the public.
  2. To recruit new board members to strengthen our knowledge and experience.
  3. To support our fantastic staff and volunteer team.

Firstly, in increasing awareness of Healthwatch Sunderland, much has been achieved but yet more needs to be done. I have created good links with partners and stakeholders but we still need to do more to raise awareness with patients and the public.

Secondly, we have four new board members who bring a great range of skills and knowledge and help us to be very much more effective.

Thirdly I hope that I have brought board leadership and direction to the staff and volunteers and we now work together as one effective team.

The last year has been a very busy one with several major pieces of work in relation to Care Homes in the city, the work going on in the NHS in relation to the alignment of services within Sunderland and South Tyneside, and not least the proposals for health and social care providers to form an Alliance to better work together across the city.

These are major changes that Healthwatch Sunderland has been very much involved with and we have contributed patient and public views and worked hard to ensure those views have been heard. You can read more about our work in these areas throughout this report.

We have also been working on; Community Equipment Services, the Great North Care Record, undertaking Enter and View in Primary Care, and Accessible Information Standards.

We like to recognise those health and social care workers who the public have told us have made a positive difference to their lives, and our team have been busy presenting them with Star Awards.

Our Engagement Team have been out and about in the community listening to your views –watch out for our stalls and invite us to your groups in the coming year –we want to hear from you!

I want to thank everyone involved with Healthwatch Sunderland for their unstinting work throughout the year and their unswerving commitment to making sure the voice of patients and public is heard by decision makers in the city.

Much still needs to be done and I can assure you that we will constantly strive to provide the effective and good Healthwatch the citizens of Sunderland need and deserve.
Alan Patchett

Please download the full report here: Annual Report 2017/2018