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From 9 May until 2 September 2018, NHS Sunderland CCG engaged with over 2,500 people through surveys, public events, focus groups, emails and over the phone on the proposals for a new system of urgent care in Sunderland.

Update on Sunderland urgent care decision-making, 29 January 2019

The Sunderland urgent care consultation concluded with the decision to have an urgent treatment centre located at Pallion Health Centre with five Sunderland Extended Access services located throughout the Sunderland.

The Sunderland Extended Access service will be available at:

  • Pallion Health Centre (this will be joined up with the urgent treatment centre)
  • Bunny Hill Primary Care Centre
  • Houghton Primary Care Centre
  • Riverview Health Centre
  • Washington Primary Care Centre

Opening times for the urgent treatment centre will be:

  • 10am to 10pm, Monday to Friday
  • 8am-10pm weekends and bank holidays

The Sunderland Extended Access Services will be open:

  • 6pm-8.30pm, Monday to Friday
  • 9am-5.30pm weekends
  • 10am-2pm on bank holidays.

For more information on Sunderland urgent care please click on the following link:

Stakeholder Briefing – Jan 2019 (Decision made)