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Make the Most of Your Appointment

  • Make a note of any questions or concerns you might have before your appointment so you can make sure you cover everything you want to.
  • Wear loose clothing to make it easier for you to have your blood pressure checked and easily removable footwear to examine feet should these examinations be needed.
  • If you are concerned about not understanding or remembering something from your appointment you can bring some one with you. Someone you are happy to share your medical information.
  • Be direct. You may have a problem that is embarrassing or difficult for you to talk about. Don’t leave it until the end. Remember these problems are probably common ones your doctor comes across.
  • If you are prescribed medication, be sure you are happy why it has been prescribed, how it works and how long you have to take. You can ask the pharmacist about medicines as well.
  • If you are on medications please bring them with you. Also bring other medications you are taking not prescribed by your doctor like herbal medicine, health food purchases etc.
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